Surviving Sex Magick: An MK Ultra Memoir

Written by radiologist-turned-activist Juliette M. Engel, M.D.

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SPARKY is the memoir of a girl-child born into a family of intelligence operatives. In 1955 at the age of six, she was sold by her father into the CIA’s secret Monarch program. At age ten, she was selected for Sex Magick because she was tall, smart, and pretty.

Throughout childhood, she was subjected to physical and mental torture including sexual abuse in the process of creating multiple identities. As a teenager, she was trained in the arts of seduction, physics, ariosophy, cybernetics, and genocide at the Stanford Research Institute and Hoover Institution in preparation for life undercover in Russia.

At the age of seventeen, she escaped and with no memory of her childhood until many years later, lived as a free person through university and medical school. In 1990, she sold her medical practice and moved to Moscow to found the Angel Coalition, an underground railroad that rescued and repatriated thousands of trafficking victims, mostly children. In 2013, she was awarded the University of Washington School of Medicine’s prestigious Humanitarian Award.

About the Author

Radiologist-turned-activist Juliette M. Engel, M.D., a former UW assistant professor in the Department of Radiology, drastically changed the course of her life in 1992. She sold a successful diagnostic ultrasound practice in Bellevue, Washington to establish the MiraMed Institute, a nonprofit active until 2010 which sought to improve obstetric care in Russia and now focuses on advancing human rights for women and children. She went on to cofound two nongovernmental organizations to further her vision in Russia: the Angel Coalition and Women and Children First.

She is now retired, living in the United States and writing about her life’s adventures.