Dr. Juliette Engel

Dr. Juliette Engel is a 60-year old American physician living and working in Moscow for the past 18 years.  She was an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine and Director of Diagnostic Ultrasound when she sold her medical practice in Bellevue, Washington and founded MiraMed Institute in 1992 with the vision of improving health care and human rights for women and infants in the former USSR.

As an extension of her work in human rights, she uncovered the crime of trafficking in human beings in Russia and with a group of Russian women leaders, co-founded the Angel Coalition which has grown to comprise 100 organizations who work cooperatively with governments and law enforcement in the prevention of human trafficking and the rescue, repatriation and rehabilitation of trafficking victims.  Since its founding, the Angel Coalition has assisted 15,000 victims of trafficking.

Current projects in the Russian Federation include expansion of the Angel Coalition, the opening and operation of the Trafficking Victim Assistance Center in Moscow, the creation of an all-Russia toll-free helpline and Russian language help-lines in Europe and the United States.

Dr. Engel also co-founded the Russian NGO “Women and Children First” which has grown to be Moscow’s largest orphanage staff training center and the first organization to work within the Ministry of Education to write values based HIV/AIDS preventive education for schools.

Dr. Engel is an experienced human rights activist, researcher and writer and has worked in Russia on projects which have taken her from tiny, rural villages to the Kremlin and back with an unprecedented level of support from Russian officials and law enforcement. 

 Dr. Engel has published original research in the field of diagnostic radiology and ultrasound in several medical journals and is a frequent contributor to news stories in Russia – doing interviews for most major news agencies.  Now she is writing her memoirs and novels based on her Russian experience.

Dr. Engel is a Russian speaker.

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