July 28, 1991       
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“Doctor Plans Moscow Birth Center”

September 15, 1991       
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“Birthing Center in Kiev Opened”

January 21, 1992      
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“Effort to Help Russia Tackle Prenatal Woes Gains Federal Attention”

October 1, 1993  
 CNN, Money Magazine 

April 3, 1996   
Seattle Times
“Cruise Russia – for the Kids – Caring tourists Help Orphans Get a New Start”

October 15, 1996
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
“Doctor Felt Russia Needed Her More” P. C1

November, 1996      
Hemispheres (United Airlines Magazine)
“Practicing Peaceful Medicine”

March 2, 1997  
 Chicago Tribune
“X-Ray Vision: Radiologist Sells Her Thriving Practice to Take Medical Supplies and Expertise to Russia”

June 1999  
 “Who Is Trafficking CIS Women? Preliminary Survey Report on Sexual Trafficking in the CIS.”  MiraMed Institute.

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September 1999   
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Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000

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“Russie. La Prostitution a l’heure”

May 17, 2001       
The Russia Journal
“Campaign against Sex Slavery Launched”

May 17, 2001       
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“Russian Women’s Groups Launch Anti-Slavery Campaign”

May 19, 2001       
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“Russia Fights Sex Slavery”

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“Prostitution in Russia,” by Donna M. Hughes

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Mondiaal Nieuws (Netherlands)
“Russische Regering Erkent Probleem van de Mensenhandel”

May 9, 2003       
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“Prostitution Myth Has Strong Pull”

October 15, 2004       
Voice of America
“Sex Trafficking”

February 16, 2005       
“Slave Trade in White Russian Girls Grows in the US”          

February 15, 2005       
UNICEF’s Child Trafficking
“Human Trafficking in US Gets Tackled”

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House International Relations Committee
Hearing Transcript

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“Anti-Trafficking Advocates Spar with Germany over Prostitution during World Cup”

May 5, 2006       
“US, Rights Groups Blast Germany over ‘World Cup Brothels’”

May 6, 2006           
Frankfurter Allgemeine
“Deutschlands WM-Bordelle”           
May 9, 2006           
The Global Game
“Soccerheads? | Bush says, ‘We’re beginning to understand’”

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Committee on International Relations, U.S. House of Representatives
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Early Intervention Conference in Moscow

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Fighting Back against the AIDS Epidemic


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